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Family Law

The Family Code is a state law which addresses a comprehensive area of law including:

. Marriage Dissolution (Divorces),
. Legal Separation,
. Marriage Annulments,
. Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements,
. Marvin (Cohabitation) Agreements,
. Paternity Actions,
. Domestic Violence Proceedings,
. Child and/or Spousal Support Modification,
. Custody/Visitation Matters, etc.

In each case (as with legal proceedings generally) the resolution of these issues can be accomplished either by settlement or by litigation (or by default). The emotional nature of Family Law cases requires that experienced counsel encourage parties to entertain settlement (to minimize legal expenses) while they prepare (and be prepared) for litigation if necessary.


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Let us help you through the sometimes complex process of last will and testament, divorce, family law and probate legal processes.


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